Pleased to Meet You!


My name is The Sterling Quality Company Limited and I turned 13 in May this year. I am an events manager, a producer and a talent manager based in Nairobi, Kenya.  I was born to make you happy through excellent entertainment experiences, encounters and memories, whether you are an individual or a corporate.

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New Trends in Public Relations


Public relations evolves further with every passing day, particularly owing to the advents of newer technologies. For instance, Chief Executive Officers are advised to ‘go social or go home’, this signifying the primal position that social media continues to attain in the corporate world. Everybody in the field must pay attention regardless of who they are- multinationals, school directors, individuals or any other type of entity.

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“One Size doesn’t Fit All”

One size does not fit allI visited an apparel shop where one particular item caught my attention. As usual I picked it up and was well on my way to try it in the changing room.

The attendant smiled and gently informed me that the item was “free size”. Of course, with a bit of skepticism, I gave her a weak nod, put the item in my bag and left. For sure when I got home the item fit perfectly. I was quite glad it did: going back to the store to return it would have been quite the journey.

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No ‘I’ In Team

I begin my article with a story that was once shared by my university football team coach. It was half time on a terribly cold, typical British winter afternoon (minus 2 to be exact) and we found ourselves staring at a 2 nil deficit in a very important Cup game. As we sat there disheartened and quick to point the finger of blame at one another, Troy (our coach), using a few choice expletives, called us to order. He began to utter some football jargon before telling us the following story.  Continue reading