With ‘time’ also comes its proper management

During my final year in University and as part of my course prerequisite I had to do a dissertation. To complete this task I was given a period of 9 months to plan, research, write and review my work before submitting it. In addition my work not only had to be relevant to the current times, it also had to be up-to-date with the current research on its area of study without overlooking the historical research relevant to the subject. It was a momentous task which had its alternating moments of highs and lows, as I straddled through reading current and historical research, planning, writing, reviewing, editing and reediting, while I also tended to my other university work by attending lectures/seminars, completing assignments and reading and sitting for exams. The nine months that I was given, at that time, seemed like a too generous offer from my lecturers, however all I can say is that time flies and one should not get wrapped in delaying tactics because in the end time catches up with any individual.

Therefore one of biggest lessons that I have learnt and one I believe that everyone can benefit from, especially those in the field of building a business enterprise, is the need for ‘advanced planning. Like the famous phrase that goes ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day,’ the key to any successful business endeavor is TIME.

Time allows us to dream thereby envisioning something greater for ourselves by ourselves. Time also allows us turn our dreams into a concrete reality through the mediums it provides such as planning, researching and anticipating success.  In addition to this, time allows us to envision a brighter and better future for any business endeavors that we may decide to venture into. However, a bit of caution has to be put here, meaning that with ‘time’ also comes its proper management.

This information age that we are currently living in, characterized by its ‘rapid flow[s] of information’ (Subramanian and Katz 2011, p.1930) requires the effective use of proper time management skills. Proper time management, in this day and age is not only crucial but vital to the survival of any organization. According to Wylie (2003 p.7) in today’s business world, there is an increasing need organizations to ‘organize much more quickly,’ and respond as fast as possible to the ‘emerging opportunities and developing threats.’

Therefore the key players in the world of business need to tread carefully. They should not respond too quickly to the emerging changes in the business world thereby overlooking important information or making careless mistakes. While on the other hand, they should not function too slowly whereby all their efforts and plans become null and void therefore irrelevant in these rapidly changing times.

Judith Nyarach

Communications and Corporate Relations Associate


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