Got Talent?

TalentImagine you had an entire life time of ‘first impressions’. Imagine every time you met someone new you had a second chance to fix any negative image.*Well, you can now stop imagining.* It may not be possible to completely erase a negative image, but it is possible to fix damaged credibility. It’s also possible to have a great image and maintain that standard.

I deal with different types of clients every day, external and internal. However, there is one particular client that is the core of why I wake up to go to work. What’s her name you ask? Talent, beautiful Talent.

Talent can be taken lightly, but oh, when you are dealing with a gifted, knowledgeable, focused thespian, whose goals become yours; it becomes personal. I take to heart each gifted client I come across on a regular basis, its impressive that Kenya is a pot of gold when it comes to talented people.

But, there is also that lot, the few who have it in them, but never express it. These, are also of great interest. Anything inside you can come out if you let it! That’s something I know for sure.

I’ll admit though, it’s hard convincing someone that they need you, especially if a part or the whole of them has already got it together, or thinks so. Here’s the thing though, the big pointer, what good will talent bring you if it’s not managed? And, how do you know you can get creative and worry about money at the same time?

Now, I’m not saying that you should have no sense of business as an artist, but, have someone who can do the running around for you. The talent you hold gives you that right at the very least.

Back to my first statement; Image. Yes, it’s everything and yes you can control it. But no, my gut can’t let me sit back… I’m definitely going to be there each step. It’s my job.

It’s not a tactic, it’s a passion… Would you like an introduction?

Well, step into my office:

Njeri Murimi, Talent Services Executive


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