‘Nisamehe’ Album Launch by Mercy D Lai

She delved into various activities to create awareness about the album launch. She frequented local radio stations such as Baraka FM for talk shows. She ensured that high quality banners and posters graced Mombasa’s Central Business District and she visited 15 main churches in the city, 10 colleges and 2 secondary schools announcing her album launch and inviting people to it. Mercy D Lai left nothing to chance.The result was that local Gospel artistes including Jimmy Gait, Size 8, DK Kwenye Beat and Dj Mo attended the album launch. Mercy D Lai achieved her goal of creating an avenue for worshippers to experience spiritual nourishment.

Resident believers came in hundreds even though the event began an hour later than expected. The reception at the entrance was warm thus the perfect preamble to the well lit venue, and, coupled with a good sound system, everything was just right.

Mercy D Lai’s family members gave their speeches all the while remaining relevant to the album launch, and Pastor Lai, her father-in-law, gave a timely sermon. Hers was an electric live performance alongside the Fire for Jesus Band. The enjoyment written all over the crowd proved that her music is trendy and relevant to the industry. Mercy sang her heart out. 750 DVD copies of her songs were on sale at KES200 only.

Mercy D Lai’s 2nd album launch took place on October 12th, 2013 at the Jesus Celebration Centre (JCC) in Buxton, Mombasa. Tickets to the launch cost every adult KES200 and every child KES50. 3,000 tickets were printed and sold at the entrance and JCC’s in-house media provided coverage. At 9.00pm when the event came to an end, the overarching conclusion was that every effort was worth it.

Mercy’s original plan was to launch her 2nd album through a road show but that it was not the case could very well mean that her 3rd album will exceed expectations. Mercy D Lai and her talent manager, The Sterling Quality Company Limited, capitalized on social media via Facebook, Twitter and her blog.

In the future, The Sterling Quality Company Limited and Mercy D Lai will work more closely together to gunner for her a fan base in Nairobi as loyal and massive as that in Mombasa.

Imelda Karaya, 

Communications & Corporate Relations Associate


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