Pleased to Meet You!


My name is The Sterling Quality Company Limited and I turned 13 in May this year. I am an events manager, a producer and a talent manager based in Nairobi, Kenya.  I was born to make you happy through excellent entertainment experiences, encounters and memories, whether you are an individual or a corporate.

Event Management

ERG 2012 was awesome and ERG 2013 was even better. ERG is the abbreviation for Eduardo Ramos-Gormez whose birthday celebrations see his family members and friends visit amazing destinations in Africa.

I manage corporate events and bespoke experiences as well, the latter being thematic and leisurely private occasions. Pacis Centre Official Opening & Blessing in Westlands, by the Pacis Insurance Company Limited, is one of the corporate events that I have been proudly responsible for this year. This year was also a launch/ dinner for Siginon Group Limited and in 2011 was the Gulf Energy Limited Launch Cocktail.


Most people know me for Gentlemen in Concert (GIC), which is one of my own signature productions. In December 2012, GIC was held at Braeburn Theatre, Gitanga Road and featured Johnson Mwakazi, Debral Inea, Michael Oyier and Maqbul Mohammed who are media personalities. There is also a female version of the same dubbed ‘Leading Ladies Live’.

For these productions, I deliver management, music direction, artistic direction, photography & video, creative & scripting and many other services. I also produce Silver Stage Musicals and Classical Concert Series.

Talent Management

I find talent management exciting perhaps owing to the fact that I am truly happy when I see a performance come alive on stage. Nurturing theatrical and musical talent is my truest source of pride. Mercy D Lai is one the musicians I manage. She will be launching her 2nd Album at Jesus Celebration Centre in Mombasa this Saturday, October 13th, 2013. Michael oyier is the other artiste I manage. He is an MC, a media practitioner, a trainer and a psychologist. I am very proud of these two, I must say!

My Dream

New Year’s Eve is a few months away but I have some resolutions all the same. Firstly, I would like to stay in very good touch with you through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and/ or any other platform of your choosing. I don’t like the distance- I would like a more personalized relationship with you. Secondly, I would like to entertain you via Gentlemen in Concert and Leading Ladies Live on a more regular basis, so that you and I have at least these 2 special forums to ourselves, away from the crowds and life’s issues, to just sit back and enjoy the great voices of our very own ladies and gentlemen.

My People

I cannot work alone in the delivery of excellent event management, production and talent management. I need my team comprising Creative Officers, Operations Coordinators, Talent Service Executives, Account Executives and Communications, Marketing & Editorial Consultants, and I need YOU. My hope is that as we get to know each other better with time, you will pat my back when I do well, and scold me when I don’t, such that I learn from you and you continue to be happy.

Nice to meet you!

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Facebook: The Sterling Quality Company Limited

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LinkedIn: The Sterling Quality Company Limited

We see entertainment, not as a luxury, but as a necessity that enriches the lives of those who embrace it wholeheartedly.”

Jill Namatsi, Communications Consultant


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