Mercy D Lai Quick Facts

Mercy D LaiBiography
Mercy D Lai was born in 1985 in the small Nzembete Village in Kibwezi, Makueni County. She is married to one David Lai, and has two daughters named Angela and Rita. Getting married at age 22 did not hamper the achievement of her dreams- she began singing at a tender age and attended music and drama festivals to nurture her talent. Her determination has seen her become one of the fastest rising artistes of our generation as well as the Store Manager of Jesus Celebration Centre, the latter following the acquisitions of a Certificate and a Diploma in Business Management.

Musical Inspiration
Mercy D Lai drew her inspiration from Angela Chibalonza who unfortunately passed away in a tragic road accident in Nakuru before they met. Angela Chibalonza was a role model to Mercy and even better was that the two of them had the same vocal range.

Mercy D Lai is not just after fame and money: her songs are testimonies of her life that give hope to the hopeless and inspire others to have faith in, and to trust God. Ebenezer is one such song released in 2011, for which she is renowned. Mercy specializes in worship and primarily sings in Kiswahili. Nakungoja and Nimekubali are the other songs that touch people’s lives through the messages they carry.

Musical Development
Behind the Scenes
Mercy D Lai practices daily and undertakes vocal training twice every month to develop her voice. She is also under the care of Bizzy B who is her new producer. Her music quality has advanced through the years becoming more modern and continually fitting into the ever-changing nature of music.

Mercy D Lai has various videos to her name. She will always be grateful to God for the Ebenezer release as it elevated her position in the industry. Her other quality videos are Nakungoja and Nimekubali.

Mercy believes that there is always a work behind any famous person on this earth. She believes that for a gift to bear fruit, a price must be paid. It is this sense of purpose, and acknowledgement of the possession of a gift, that led to the nomination of her Ebenezer video for the 2013 Mwafaka Awards. She won the 2012 Song of the Year Award at the Groove Awards and the Female Artist of the Year Award at the Kenya Coast Music Awards which granted her publicity, both in the coastal region and nationwide.

Mercy believes that there is nothing impossible under the sun. In future she would like to own a recording studio, a music store and a band. She would also like to set up a children’s home for orphans, and outcasts in the society.

Her main aim to spread the word of God and give the orphans and outcasts hope that they can take charge of their lives again. This aspiration is founded on the Christian belief that Jesus came to earth so that we can have life and have it in abundance.

Mercy would love to collaborate with Christina Shusho in the future, as she believes that it will help grow both personally and professionally. She also looks forward to launching her 2nd album whose songs will be in English. This is a new dynamic to her style which will definitely open her up to a larger audience.

Album Launch 
On the 12th of October, 2013, Mercy will officially launch her 2nd album at Buxton Jesus Celebration Centre in Mombasa. The event will mark a milestone in her career.

Parting Shot
Mercy D Lai believes that salvation is a personal relationship and that it is high time for every individual to reunite with God.

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October 12th, 2013 Album Launch




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