“One Size doesn’t Fit All”

One size does not fit allI visited an apparel shop where one particular item caught my attention. As usual I picked it up and was well on my way to try it in the changing room.

The attendant smiled and gently informed me that the item was “free size”. Of course, with a bit of skepticism, I gave her a weak nod, put the item in my bag and left. For sure when I got home the item fit perfectly. I was quite glad it did: going back to the store to return it would have been quite the journey.

In the world of fashion, one size fits all, but when it comes to business and sales strategies, one size does not fit all.

Sales is the life blood of companies. This explains why many invest in training their sales teams and getting the best talent in order to push this one agenda. In addition, companies offer their sales teams incentives such as commissions on targets met.

When it comes to small firms, managers are tempted, more often than not, to implement all strategies suggested in scholarly books to boost sales. However, they tend to forget that, given the sizes of their organizations, sales takes an absolutely different dynamic.

In the case of large firms, selling products and services is much easier. This is attributed to the fact that large firms have brands that are well known and most clients are repeat clients. On the other side of the fence, small firms find it difficult to get and retain clients thus they need to initiate their sales plans differently. One way for small firms to differentiate themselves is to offer excellent and prompt services in order to remain in the minds of customers.

Time is a resource for both large and small firms. However, how time is spent in a small firm needs close attention. Small firms need to have a culture where every minute is accounted for. Tasks therefore need to be completed in the shortest times possible. In addition, all tasks should be geared towards the firm’s profitability. In addition, creativity is key in order to innovate products/ services that can result in a sustainable revenue stream.

Upon the evaluation of skill set, large firms have the advantage of having a pull of sales professionals and can afford to train them in order to deliver. The strategy for small firms is to constantly have a learning attitude so as to learn new sales tactics and develop a team with the potential to develop the sales skill.

As my director says, and as reality dictates, sales is everywhere and everyone has to sell at one point in their lives, be it at an interview or to a gathering of people, whether social or professional.

As you embark on your week’s activities, pick the right outfit that suits your organization.

Taaka Hatego, Sales Support


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