Scepta “The African Eagle”


The mastermind behind an array of addictive Eastern African tunes, Maxillar Mumo Vundi, a.k.a Scepta “The African Eagle”, was born in a very small village called Ilalu in Migwani district, Kitui County, Kenya. Scepta is a gospel singer, a philanthropist and the founder of Scepta IN©°.

Scepta comes from the word “Scepter”, which is an ornamental staff held by a ruling monarch as a symbol of power. This was inspired by a verse in the Bible from the book of Esther 5:2, which reminds us that as we approach God’s throne we need not fear despite His authority because we find favor with Him and His Scepter is extended to us.

Musical Inspiration

Scepta’s music has an African touch that brings out an international outlook and the heritage we have as Africans. Bringing Christ to the nation, Scepta has been making music for a while and he believes he is driven by his most holy faith in coming up with his amazing tunes. Through his music, he says, he looks to encourage his fans to believe in God because in Him all things are possible and available!

Particularly, his song ‘Baraka Nipate in Everything’ was inspired by his past, a past in which he got his independence early.

“Everybody was reluctant to help me in my musical journey and my family didn’t believe it was something that someone could be engaged in for a living. After accepting that fact but choosing not to give up on my dream, I pressed on although circumstances got worse for a long time. At one instance, I had completely no one, but God came through for me for I held on.  Since that time the rest has been history!”

Scepta had seen it all and done it all, but failed in everything UNTIL God came around for him. That was when he was able to live his destiny and he began to succeed in everything he tried going on to inspire many souls around the world.

Whatever he wants he believes he has no problem finding, as long as he has God with him, with whom he has made the pact that wherever he shall go, whoever he shall come into contact with, he shall bring the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ and His power that brings life in abundance!

Musical Development

At an early age of 15, Scepta played and owned his first guitar and went professional a few years later in 2005, finally getting a breakthrough to mainstream music in 2011. That was when he released his first single, ‘Baraka Nipate in Everything’ from the Ndoto Zangu album: this single introduced him to the Gospel Industry. During a Radio Africa Blog interview, his music was referred to as the kind that resonates well with Africa and the rest of the world.

In 2012 he released his second single from the same album, called ‘No Kululu No Kalala’, which became a massive hit. ‘No Kululu No Kalala’ is Zimbabwean slang meaning ‘One has no 50-50 feel about something but is 100% sure of what they are referring to’. In this context it means “I am not 50-50 about following Jesus but I’m 100% committed”, Scepta says.

After the release of this single, doors began opening for Scepta and it was then that he joined System Unit, a music franchise that deals with identifying musical talent and nurturing it to super-stardom. In the able hands of Dj Mo, the 2013 Groove Award DJ of the Year winner, Scepta started performing around Kenya and his music was positively received by the people. His most epic performance was in 2012 at the Totally Sold Out Concert (TSO) by K Krew and Groove Party Edition by Mo sound events.

This gave Scepta great inspiration and courage to move on and in 2013 he released his new popular hit, ‘Na Wah 4 U’ featuring DK Kwenye Beat. ‘Na Wah 4 U’ is crafted from Nigerian Pidgin English and means ‘This is for you.’ The song took over in Kenya and beyond with massive response and earned him his first international music tour to Doha, Qatar courtesy of the renowned Talanta Awards.

To Scepta this experience was humbling, unexpected and God-sent. He performed at a fully packed venue with fans from as far as Nigeria, Kenya, Thailand, UK, and local Qataris. ‘Tribune’, a leading Qatar news paper, interviewed him and noted how his performance thrilled the audience!

Scepta stands out among other artistes because of the time he takes with his music. He looks to make music from a different perspective. Music comes to him in different ways and from a higher authority: God.

It takes him 3 months to record an audio track and that is only after seeking and waiting on God to direct him and give him the word. That is what has helped him to get it right. Scepta says: “I love what I do and music is my life, my passion and my means to the end. Music feeds me, clothes me and houses me.


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