Customer Service

Customer service can be defined as a form of service that is provided to customers in the event of a transaction. It is part of the umbrella bracket of after-sale services. An after-sales service can be defined as a form of support service that a business offers its customers after a sale of their product or service.

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With ‘time’ also comes its proper management

During my final year in University and as part of my course prerequisite I had to do a dissertation. To complete this task I was given a period of 9 months to plan, research, write and review my work before submitting it. In addition my work not only had to be relevant to the current times, it also had to be up-to-date with the current research on its area of study without overlooking the historical research relevant to the subject. It was a momentous task which had its alternating moments of highs and lows, as I straddled through reading current and historical research, planning, writing, reviewing, editing and reediting, while I also tended to my other university work by attending lectures/seminars, completing assignments and reading and sitting for exams. The nine months that I was given, at that time, seemed like a too generous offer from my lecturers, however all I can say is that time flies and one should not get wrapped in delaying tactics because in the end time catches up with any individual. Continue reading

Tafaria Castle & Country Lodge to Host TafariART Camp 2013

Tafaria Castle & Country Lodge

“In the ancient land of Deighton Downs, at a time of great hardship, adventure, and loneliness, a young African found himself at the foothills of the Aberdare Ranges overlooking the Laikipia plains.

As he grew up there, enveloped in a harsh wilderness, unto him came an immortal dream.
That dream now stands as…
The Tafaria Castle & Country Lodge
EST 2012 AD”

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Got Talent?

TalentImagine you had an entire life time of ‘first impressions’. Imagine every time you met someone new you had a second chance to fix any negative image.*Well, you can now stop imagining.* It may not be possible to completely erase a negative image, but it is possible to fix damaged credibility. It’s also possible to have a great image and maintain that standard.

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‘Nisamehe’ Album Launch by Mercy D Lai

She delved into various activities to create awareness about the album launch. She frequented local radio stations such as Baraka FM for talk shows. She ensured that high quality banners and posters graced Mombasa’s Central Business District and she visited 15 main churches in the city, 10 colleges and 2 secondary schools announcing her album launch and inviting people to it. Mercy D Lai left nothing to chance. Continue reading